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Glocalities Research by Research Director Martijn Lampert - Page 54 - 61 Watch the video

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And here is the link to the brain scan case study Page 123:
The differences in emotional responses, neurological responses, and coping styles between creative individuals and a baseline group. By Roderick Reichenbach (founder Braingineers). Read the case study


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About LetsHeal

LetsHeal is an independent, nonprofit think & do tank dedicated to implementing creative solutions for a better world. www.letsheal.org. Contact: info@letsheal.org

About Glocalities

Glocalities is an Amsterdam-based international research agency that specializes in global insights based on values, culture and psychology. The Glocalities research program, that started in 2014, now covers more than 63 countries. International NGOs, companies and the public sector use Glocalities insights to connect with people based on a a deeper understanding of values and culture. www.glocalities.com. Research director: Martijn Lampert. Contact: m.lampert@glocalities.com

About Braingineers

Neuropsychological research agency. www.braingineers.com. Research director brain scans creatives: Roderick Reichenbach.